Location Location Location

Perhaps you saw the recent exclusive in High Growth Scotland about neospace. It’s great to see it doing so well. Here at Azzurro we can understand why it has been so successful.

We moved our office here a year and a half ago.  It was quite a thought to give up our studio at Grandholm because it had suited us well and sharing a building with AVC was a very positive experience. But a combination of location suiting some team members better from a travel point of view, the quality of the facilities on offer, and a cost saving persuaded us to make the move. 

It was quite something to see Dave in first thing in the morning because he wanted to get a session in on the gym to start his day. Or to see him pop in on a Saturday to follow up on something. All down to location and the facilities available. And a great example of how environment can impact life style.

The meeting rooms are excellent, and clients appreciate them. The added bonus of a coffee shop on site, and the high-quality infrastructure really sold it to the team.

We do miss having our furry team mates on hand though. Savio, Hugo and Bella were a key part of our team and contributed to a relaxed, creative environment. But we get the odd visit to remind us of their importance.

There is a saying that “you can’t outperform your environment”. To their credit, the team at neospace do a great job of creating an inspiring environment by matching the quality of the accommodation with their fantastic support. It certainly appreciated by all at Azzurro.

Finally, speaking about High Growth Scotland, it’s in the process of having an amazing surge in popularity. This month it has already outperformed both Scottish Business News and Aberdeen Business News in terms of unique visitors. They are on track to exceed a combined 60,000 unique visitors this month with more than 1,000,000 impressions. Well done to Alona, Andrew, Ben, David and Lewis for their combined efforts in driving that growth.