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Increasing the visibility of your website on a Google search can reap massive benefits:  it can help you stay ahead of your competitors and gain a bigger share of the market, be seen as more trustworthy, reach and engage with more potential customers. As one of the longest established Aberdeen SEO agencies, we have shown time and again that ranking your website on major search engines provides the highest return for your marketing spend.

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is all about ranking higher than your competitors for key terms and words potential customers search for on Google. As a marketing strategy, SEO provides the best long-term return in digital marketing, as organic search rankings remain long after paid search advertising campaigns stop.

Whether you’re an established business or start-up, our in-house team of SEO specialists know how to get your website found, gradually improving its position on search engines and delivering more quality traffic interested in discovering your business..

On-Page Optimisation

We optimise the important elements on your website to help improve your search rankings. Google assesses over 200 on-page factors so you cannot leave anything to chance.

Technical Audit

Not getting the best from your website? Websites are complex and take a lot of care and attention. They are often neglected and left to gather digital dust so to speak. Make more of your website with an unbiased analysis by our senior technical SEO expert. We tell you exactly what you need to do to rank and bank.

Off-Page SEO

Off page SEO involves building high quality links from authoritative sites. This requires thorough research, analysis, webmaster outreach and tweaking to achieve the best results.  

Keyword Research

Researching the relevant words and phrases a user may type into a search engine to find your business can help you discover new customers. It’s an essential part of an effective SEO strategy and is the foundation for your digital marketing effort. Knowing the right keywords leads to writing content to target them.

Content Marketing

Quality and original content is highly effective in getting a top rank on major search engines. The more quality, relevant content pieces that you have on your site, the more likely you will succeed in driving traffic there. Talk to us about content.

Website Performance

Improve your website speed to increase user engagement and conversion. Our experts can help you get the best performance from your hosting, saving you money and improving your search presence at the same time.

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SEO is the backbone of modern digital marketing campaigns but it’s a constantly evolving process. No matter how attractive your website is, it’s nothing if it cannot be found on search engines. At Azzurro, our highly skilled team of SEO experts will ensure your website is easily discovered and ranked on search engines for top keywords and search queries.

Although each campaign has its unique challenges, we use our proven SEO process to bring consistent results, no matter the market, budget or level of competition.

Don't just take our word for it

On our Branding work, I have seen many agencies attempt to brand over the years and fail, Azzurro really understood the brief and captured the essence of what we are. Excellent! We are delighted with this work.

Frank Strang – CEO SaxaVord, UK Space Port

I am pleased to say that we have used Azzurro to provide consultative support for marketing and commercial projects, and for general Agency support from time to time. Their consultative inputs have provided significant added value to our efforts, and the general Agency support exceeds our expectations. We are very pleased with the support we receive.

Ian Bruce, CEO, Plan B Professional Services Ltd.

We engaged Azzurro to monetise Union Media more effectively. They started with the Brand and built from there. We are delighted with the results on all fronts.

Jacqui Simmons – General Manager, Union Media

Azzurro has been managing our Google Adwords/PPC account for six months and the metrics around our various campaigns have been brilliant. The Click-Through-Rate on our adverts have improved each month and is now more than double the industry average. Outsourcing the Google Adwords/PPC project management allows our team to focus on other key deliverables while benefiting from a significant increase in website enquiries.

Andrew Lamb – Sales Manager, HRH Geology

Social media presence is an important tool for business so that’s where the main help’s been for the company as far as I am concerned. Just getting our name out there and marketing our company to tell people who we are and what we can do. A great bunch of people, with an insightful view into the importance of Web Design and Social media. Well worth a call.

Jason Moir, Director, Dyce Carriers Ltd


Because every company is unique, each one will have different SEO goals. Local businesses with less competition may be able to see results by carrying out SEO in-house. However, for bigger businesses with greater competition, hiring an SEO agency can make your website and your business more competitive in today’s market.

There are several benefits you can expect from working with a top SEO agency in the UK. These include learning more effectively who your audiences are and what your goals for your business should be; having an audit carried out on your existing website; improving your on-page SEO performance; developing a clear and concise strategy to move forward; and identifying competitive gains as well as gaps in content.

SEO can easily get highly technical, so it’s best to look for an SEO firm that can break down all this information and explain how they can help you meet your business’ goals. Don’t just do a Google search for ‘best SEO’ lists. Look for a search engine optimisation company that will provide you with metrics and explain the benefits and coverage of their services effectively.

SEO is important because of the benefits it provides for your website and your business over the long term. These include making your website more visible, driving more traffic to it and creating more opportunities to convert these visitors into paying customers, thereby effectively increasing your business’ profit margin.

SEO at its fundamental level exists to increase your website’s visibility in the organic search results of top search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo. To achieve this, you will need the help of SEO agencies to understand the types of content and strategies that will work best for your target market.

Website ranking services may tell you that you can start seeing results for your website’s ranking as soon as four to six months after work begins. However, because SEO results considerably grow and change over time, the longer the you give your SEO organisation’s strategy to take effect, the more accurate the results you will get.

The best time to start working on your SEO strategies is when you start designing your website. Having a reputable SEO expert early in the planning and design phase will provide important input and insight into your website design and development.