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Every business has a story to tell and we know how to get the world to listen

So many companies keep a low profile, getting on with business and not stopping to share news, celebrate success or announce contract wins, new appointments, fundraising achievements, charitable donations and other newsworthy stories.

And yet these same companies are often envious of their competitors never being out of the spotlight. That’s because competitors understand the power of PR; the importance of widespread and targeted coverage, being seen, heard, and recognised as reputable and respected businesses.

PR has an important role managing reputation, raising awareness and profile, building brand status, and reaching customers, prospects and opinion formers. It complements other forms of marketing, sometimes leading or being part of an effective multi-channel campaign.

‘We have nothing really to say, there’s nothing of interest’ is a claim we frequently hear. Being too close to your work makes it hard to imagine how newsworthy a story is. But ask a PR professional, and they’ll find a way to bring a story to life, finding an angle, but all the time keeping to the facts.

Our PR professionals know how to tell a story. First, they do their research, they may interview your key staff, before writing a draft, presenting for your approval, editing, and finalising ready to issue to the media. And while they do so, they have a clear idea of where best to place the story, whether a news release, a feature article or an opinion piece. They will consider whether to offer as an exclusive rather than distribute widely to consumer, business and trade press, broadcasting media, and online publications.

Being in the news for all the right reasons is good for business. Building credibility and relationships with the media is also good business practice. Being seen as an authority in your field, or the person to go to for comment, adds value, builds positivity and goodwill for your company and brand.

It's easy when you know how

Azzurro knows exactly how to get the news out, taking the germ of a story, finding an angle, and ensuring news is successfully placed in relevant media important to your business.

Step 1 - Listen

Tell us what’s been going on. What’s the back story? How did you make it happen, who was involved, what challenges did you face, what does it mean for the business and your customers? The answers to these questions help form the story.

Step 2 - Prepare

Once we’ve found the hook, we’ll get down to writing a draft, finding the angles for the media we have in mind. We may have to write several versions to fit the interests of news outlets – trade media may be interested in the technical detail, while the business press is more concerned about financial figures or employment.

Step 3 - Present

Our PR team will present drafts for your comment and approval. There may be a need to edit or expand key points. Nothing will be issued to news desks until we get your final approval. The chance of publication is often enhanced with a good photograph; we can organise this on your behalf.  

Step 4 - Issue

Once approved we will issue your news release to media outlets. This may include press, broadcasting and online. In some cases we will have advised a few key outlets in advance or sometimes offer a news release as an exclusive to one of the larger, more influential outlets. 

Step 5 - Report

We will monitor coverage and provide you with a report highlighting where the news release has been published or if it has been broadcast on television or radio. The report will include the approximate size of the readership or audience. 

Get your
message out

Now more than ever, people need good news

Now more than ever, people need good news.

At Azzurro, we empower you to tell your news to those who matter most – your target audience, opinion formers, stakeholders, even the media itself. Whether you are looking to increase brand awareness, drive traffic to your website, or generate more leads, Azzurro has a PR solution that can help you succeed.

We use a variety of established media outlets to create a buzz about your brand and share your achievements and success. Through well-timed and well-placed PR, we can push you ahead of the competition and ensure your message is heard.

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A press release, or news release, is simply a written statement by a company to the press. A well-crafted press release should interest and inform readers of news within or about your company that is relevant to the publication you are sending it to. Your story should take a factual tone and be short and concise. If a journalist wants to learn more, they will get in touch.

Try to include facts, figures relevant dates, and a quote from someone at your company that may provide further insight to the piece. These are some of the essential elements that could be the difference between getting covered in the news media and not making the cut.

Your press release should be short, snappy, and concise. An average length of 500 – 700 words is more than enough to get your point across.

Make sure your piece doesn’t read like a sales pitch. Editors can be quite picky and rightfully so, so before trying to craft your story why not read over a few examples from the publication you want to feature in and try to emulate that tone of voice in your writing.

PR helps businesses reach a wide audience with their message. There is some degree of targeting involved in sharing press releases as you can reach people interesting in a particular industry publication or local area.

If you want to get your name out there alongside other reputable companies and boost your company profile and image, then a well-written press release is a fantastic way to do just that. It is a great way to create a buzz around your business and get people talking about what you’re up to.

You can even share your press release through social media to reach a wider audience.

So, if your goal is brand awareness, a PR agency might be just what you need.

Hiring a PR agency to do the hard work for you is definitely worth it. A good PR agency will have the talent and expertise to produce a well-written press release that is likely to be featured in the news outlets of your choice.

A good PR agency will understand what each media outlet is looking for and position their client’s story in line with those preferences. They can leverage their connections and relationships with the news media to increase the likelihood of your story being covered.

In short, the chances of getting your story picked up by a reputable publication are higher when you outsource your PR to an experienced agency.