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Facebook is by far the most popular social media platform in the world with an active user base of 2.797 billion

It’s a ready-made digital landscape for businesses to promote their products and services and gain new loyal customers. Facebook has a myriad of data on its users. From their likes and dislikes to their political views, to their relationship status, people share so much personal information about themselves on social media.

Think about it, how often do you see people sharing their major life events such as graduating from university, getting married or having a baby on Facebook? Businesses can take advantage of this information and create perfectly targeted ads that are likely to have much higher rates of conversion due to them being highly relevant to the people seeing them. For example, if a person shares that they are pregnant then Facebook can categories them as an expectant parent and knows that they are likely to be interested in maternity products. Then in several months when they have had their baby, Facebook can categorise them with other new parents and target them with ads for products suitable for newborn babies.   

Our marketers at Azzurro-Blu specialise in making Facebook PPC ads that best showcase your business and product offerings to the most appropriate target audiences. Using our expertise and knowledge of the Facebook ads platform, we not only target the most profitable audiences but also retarget them to ensure no opportunity for a sale is missed.

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On our Branding work, I have seen many agencies attempt to brand over the years and fail, Azzurro really understood the brief and captured the essence of what we are. Excellent! We are delighted with this work.

Frank Strang – CEO SaxaVord, UK Space Port

I am pleased to say that we have used Azzurro to provide consultative support for marketing and commercial projects, and for general Agency support from time to time. Their consultative inputs have provided significant added value to our efforts, and the general Agency support exceeds our expectations. We are very pleased with the support we receive.

Ian Bruce, CEO, Plan B Professional Services Ltd.

We engaged Azzurro to monetise Union Media more effectively. They started with the Brand and built from there. We are delighted with the results on all fronts.

Jacqui Simmons – General Manager, Union Media

Azzurro has been managing our Google Adwords/PPC account for six months and the metrics around our various campaigns have been brilliant. The Click-Through-Rate on our adverts have improved each month and is now more than double the industry average. Outsourcing the Google Adwords/PPC project management allows our team to focus on other key deliverables while benefiting from a significant increase in website enquiries.

Andrew Lamb – Sales Manager, HRH Geology

Social media presence is an important tool for business so that’s where the main help’s been for the company as far as I am concerned. Just getting our name out there and marketing our company to tell people who we are and what we can do. A great bunch of people, with an insightful view into the importance of Web Design and Social media. Well worth a call.

Jason Moir, Director, Dyce Carriers Ltd

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We take the time to listen to your requirements and to discover where the value lies in your organisation, its people, its products and its services. By starting here, we will develop the best marketing solutions for your needs.

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Having identified your requirements and considered your current positioning, the skill, experience and creativity of our team will enable us to develop the ideas and the strategy needed to bring you a winning solution.

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We will then re-engage with you to ensure that the proposed solutions are aligned with your thinking. We are only part of a greater solution for our client’s input is essential to ensure a successful outcome

Facebook PPC

Facebook ads have much greater capabilities than boosted posts. There are numerous different types of Facebook ads that have various features whereas boosted posts are simply ordinary Facebook posts that have been promoted to be shown to a wider audience. For boosted posts, a business can pay a fee to Facebook to have their post shown to people that are not necessarily following or that have not liked that business’s page. It is a useful technique to reach more people but is more simplistic than Facebook ad campaigns which are more technical and effective for promoting products and services on a larger scale.

There are six different types of Facebook ads. They are:

  1. Image: Ads that use photographs or still graphics.
  2. Video: Ads that use moving visual and audio elements.
  3. Stories: Ads that appear in between stories that can be made up of a range of elements, including video, audio, gifs, images, or text.
  4. Carousel: Ads that display up to 10 images or videos, each with its own individual link. Facebook users can swipe or scroll through the ‘carousel’ at their leisure.
  5. Instant Experience: A full-page immersive and highly engaging ad experience that pops up when someone clicks on your ad.
  6. Collection: An ad that displays multiple product listings and when clicked triggers a full-page instant experience that showcases a custom selection of products in a visually pleasing way.

Facebook ads operate on an auction basis meaning advertisers bid for ad placements or slots against competitors and the highest bidder wins. Bids can either be CPC (cost-per-click) where you pay only when someone clicks on your ad or CPM (cost-per-mille) where you pay per 1000 impressions or views on your ad. Due to the auction format, the cost of a Facebook ad is determined by the volume of bidders for a specific audience ad placement and how much the other bidders are willing to bid. The amount others are willing to bid is determined by factors, including what industry your business operates in, how lucrative your target audience is perceived to be, and the geographic location. So, in summary, there is no set price for a Facebook ad, it will vary depending on what you are trying to sell and who you are trying to sell it to.

First, set your budget (how much you wish to spend in total on the entire campaign) and your bid price (how much you are willing to spend per impression or click). Then you select your audience. Who do you want to see your ad? What attributes do they possess? Once you have determined your target audience, select the creative elements. Decide what your ad will look like, and what it should say, and don’t forget the CTA (Call to Action) – what do you want them to do. There are buttons you can choose such as ‘learn more’ to take someone to a website for more information or a ‘shop now’ button to place an order. Once that’s done you are ready to launch the campaign and monitor its performance using the Facebook Ads Manager tool.