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Content is King


Quality content will drive traffic to your website

Content marketing is a strategic marketing approach that focuses on creating and distributing content that provides value to your existing customers and attracts new ones. Content comes in many forms from blog posts to infographics to videos and social media posts. Essentially, it is anything you create that your customers can interact or engage with online.

The ideology behind content marketing is that by producing a steady stream of high-quality content about topics related to your products and services, you will establish your business as an authority on certain subjects. Customers are much more likely to purchase from somewhere they consider to be a reliable and trustworthy source of information. This is why so-called ‘influencers’ or ‘content creators’ are so good at selling products and services because they have established reputations for creating engaging and useful content where they are recognised as an expert in their chosen subject, whether it is skincare, fashion, cooking, fitness or business advice.

Dont just take our word for it

Azzurro has been managing our Google Adwords/PPC account for six months and the metrics around our various campaigns have been brilliant. The Click-Through-Rate on our adverts have improved each month and is now more than double the industry average. Outsourcing the Google Adwords/PPC project management allows our team to focus on other key deliverables while benefiting from a significant increase in website enquiries.

Andrew Lamb

We approached Azzurro looking to reposition our brand with a new website design and a range of supporting, brand-centred marketing collateral. Their team listened to our requirements and worked with us to understand our brand message and target market. Their impactful designs captured exactly who we are and who we want to reach through our marketing.

Richard Macmillan

If you are looking for high-quality inputs and a thoroughly professional service I recommend Azzurro. Great design work, high-quality coding and development work, and the marketing experience to complement that.

Kenneth Findlay

The team did an amazing job taking our funding application and turning it into a professional mind-blowing document. We received really positive comments for our submission so thank you so much. We will be back for more I am sure.

David Langstane

Great job from Azzurro. They created a fantastic brochure and some infographics to help us with our project team. Much appreciated.

Simon Mcloud

Would highly recommend Azzurro. They built a great website for us and we have received many positive comments from others regarding the design. Look forward to working with them again in the future!

Amy Smith

Why work
with us?

At Azzurro, our content specialists create engaging, entertaining as well as educational content designed specifically for your customers. We really get to know and understand your business, what it does and who you are, in order to develop unique content that is in line with your brand.

Our marketers carry out in-depth keyword and market research to determine what exactly your target audience is searching for online and then design a strategic content marketing plan around those search queries. By tailoring content in this way, we ensure your customers can find the answers they are looking for and that they are directed straight to your website.

Content Marketing

High-quality content is content that provides your customers with some kind of value which could be educational and informative or purely entertainment value. To illustrate, if a person was to Google “how to change a tyre” then they are looking for content that will be informative and provide them with the knowledge on changing a tyre. A video tutorial or blog post explaining how to do this would be of value to them and therefore be high-quality content.

In general, content can be categorised into three main categories: visual, audio, and written. Below are some examples of each category of content:

Visual Content: Infographics, photographs, charts, diagrams, and videos.

Audio Content: Podcasts, audiobooks and audio advertisements.

Written Content: Blog posts, social media posts, newsletters, eBooks, and case studies.

There is no right or wrong format for content. In fact, most content topics could be covered using any of the different formats. However, you may want to consider what you feel best showcases the topic you are creating content around, and also what format your audience prefers.

In the last decade, video content has surged in popularity thanks to the rise of social media. One of the reasons video content is so well-liked by audiences is because it is easy to digest with minimal effort. The combination of both visual and audio elements makes it great for storytelling and providing the audience with an engaging customer experience.

It is important to note that often it is a good idea to create content on the same subject matter across different formats to ensure you are reaching your target market no matter what their preferred content consumption method is.

Advertising is an outbound approach to marketing that can be an effective technique for seeing almost instant results. Its main purpose is to promote a product/ service and raise brand awareness. Whereas content marketing is a less direct, long term approach to marketing that can take longer to yield results. This is because content marketing involves first drawing customers in through valuable content and then trying to sell them your product/ service.

Just because it does not yield instant results does not mean it is not a useful marketing strategy. In fact, studies have shown that content marketing is one of the most effective marketing approaches and is seen as the future of marketing. As they say, Rome wasn’t built in a day. It takes a while to build up that trust between your business and your customers but once it is built it is a powerful asset. Fostering strong relationships between your business and its customers will be very lucrative in the long term so it is well worth putting the time and effort into content marketing.