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Client and Brief

Dyce Carriers is a national road haulage and logistics company, based in the North-East. They first came to us looking for a professional digital partner to redesign and reposition their website to propel them through a period of growth. That was over 5 years ago.

Today they are one of our longest-standing clients, having helped them grow their social media following, and supported their marketing activity through PR, advertising, design, SEO, and more. This year, in celebration of their 50th anniversary we have refreshed their website, giving it a whole new look, and successfully launched a merchandising store!


At the start of 2023, we approached Dyce Carriers with a comprehensive proposal, to supercharge their social media, and redesign their website, giving it a refreshed and modern look, and proposed launching a merch store in response to the positive feedback they had received from their online community about their merch giveaways. To support the launch a PR and social media marketing strategy was devised to ensure that the news spread amongst the community.

The launch has further enhanced the company’s brand awareness, and name recognition, and the new merch store was only possible as a result of the brand loyalty that has been built over time through social media, and among the Dyce Carriers’ team and their existing customers.

Azzurro will continue to work with the team at Dyce Carriers, to increase website visibility through SEO and to raise the value and authority of the site; drive up Google search engine rankings, and guide more users directly to the website by organic means. We will also continue to work with them to bolster brand awareness through social media and PR, as well as drive sales for the new merchandising store, manage design work for traditional marketing collateral, and devise engaging campaigns that will create a buzz around their business.


In the last three years, the Dyce Carriers’ Facebook page has grown from 6.9k followers to 12.6k, page likes are up almost double to 11.4k, and content interactions averaging over 5k per month. Through a combination of organic and paid marketing strategies, their Facebook following and engagement have grown by an average of 25% year on year.

In the same time frame, since 2020, we have more than doubled their LinkedIn following from just under 1k to 2.4k in just three years. Their LinkedIn account enjoys an average engagement rate of 6.3%, reaching 9k users with their content every month.

This year, we reignited their old Instagram account which was set up just before the pandemic in 2019 and hadn’t been in regular use since. We restarted this activity in April, starting with 235 followers, and in 6 months, we have grown their following by 18k% to 2.7k, gaining an average of 350+ followers per month.

The website saw a 68% boost in traffic from the launch of the new website from the subsequent marketing efforts to boost awareness of this new development. Organic social traffic increased 5000% the month the new website and merch store was launched.

Our SEO work has also delivered positive results, driving a 5% increase in traffic to the site so far this year, and a 6.5% increase in organic traffic.


Social media presence is an important tool for business so that’s where the main help’s been for the company as far as I am concerned. Just getting our name out there and marketing our company to tell people who we are and what we can do. A great bunch of people, with an insightful view into the importance of Web Design and Social Media. Well worth a call.

Dyce Carriers

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