Importance of Email Marketing

If you asked the person next to you if they have ever sent or received an email, what do you think their reply would be? It’s very likely to be a yes. When running a business, email marketing still remains the most effective way to reach your target audience on a large scale.

With nearly 2.5 billion people worldwide using email it is clear to see just how important email marketing is for business. It’s a big part of our lives with each of us receiving at least 1 email a day. Above all, email marketing is a very personal way of connecting with your audience. The more personalised the email the better the results. Emails can also be tailored depending on your customers’ needs and wants so that every communication is relevant to their interests.

Having an engaging and personalised email marketing campaign should be a key component of a successful digital strategy as it will increase lead generation and boost brand awareness. Moreover, it will help build a strong relationship between your company and your customer base.

Still not convinced of the importance of email marketing for your company? Read on to discover 6 great tips on why you should be using email marketing for your business and should consider hiring an email marketing agency.

1) Trumps Competitor, Social Media

Of course, we’re not saying forget about social media as it is equally as important for any business’s marketing strategy. Social media is the medium to use when interacting with your audience. Companies use social media to strengthen relationships, it is the first step towards your goal – the conversion.

Email marketing is the perfect medium when it comes to converting your target audience. Emails with specific content and messages that are of value to your target audience see the best conversion rates. Communicate regularly with your audience through email, it won’t be long until they become members, customers or supporters of your company.

2) Money Saver

Email is great when looking for a cost-effective marketing solution. It allows you to reach a large number of potential customers while spending nothing but your time.

Compared to more traditional marketing efforts such as print, TV, radio etc. which can take up a lot of time and money, email marketing is the way to go. With an email marketing campaign, you still get that visual appeal but with added benefits. They enable your customers to receive follow-up information instantly upon receiving the email through the inclusion of links to your website for example.

The cost benefits of using email marketing far outweigh most other forms of marketing. With the correct maintenance of an email list, the cost benefits increase as does the ROI through the closer relationship established with the recipients. Together with the higher response rates email attracts, you receive more positive responses from your audience. Responses that are received more quickly at a lower unit cost.

3) Targeted and Tailored

Email marketing allows you to tailor messages sent to your audience through the segmentation of your lists. Messages that resonate with that particular audience and can provide something of interest, something of value.

This is something that is difficult to achieve through other marketing mediums. Take social media for example. When posting to your target market the message posted isn’t tailored to a specific audience but instead is generalised. By using your email marketing software correctly, you will be able to address your audience by name, separate by certain topics and deliver these to particular members on your list.

It is essential that you don’t spam your audience. Use an email marketing strategy to build loyalty and trust between yourself, your brand and your customers. Email marketing is important for building relationships with prospects. Email them at appropriate times ensuring your tone is polite and friendly. Don’t bombard them with emails, you’ll very quickly lose them as a potential customers.

4) Demands Attention

Ignoring an email isn’t easy to do. Emails captivate us and without realising you’ve probably replied, forward, clicked through or signed up. Emails are the perfect medium for directing traffic to your website through the simple use of a click-through and ultimately drives sales. Emails demand attention and without a doubt produces results. The importance of effective email campaign design cannot be understated.

5) Measure Results

When using email marketing software such as MailChimp (probably the most popular) the software makes it easy for you to track the results of your recent emailing campaign. Who opened your email for example, which links were clicked, how many people unsubscribed. Remember to keep track of your emailing campaigns performances, this will help you improve on your emailing tactics for your next campaign.

6) Thank you Mobile Phones

Look around, I bet you see most people either on their phones or at least looking at them. They could be checking their emails. In this technological age, most people now own a mobile phone, this makes emails more accessible at all hours of the day. Consequently, not using email as part of your digital marketing strategy may have a detrimental effect on the success of your marketing efforts.

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