Richard Macmillan, Director/Senior Adviser, Forbes Lawson

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Richard Macmillan, Director/Senior Adviser, Forbes Lawson




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Client & Brief

Forbes Lawson is a financial planning company that specialises in providing the best possible advice for its clients, helping them to plan for their future. The company wanted to reposition its brand in order to increase awareness of its services and connect with more people in need of advice.

The financial services industry is a busy and competitive market. Forbes Lawson was looking for a way to stand out from the competition and position its brand as a boutique financial adviser. They needed help from an agency that understood marketing and could offer more than just web design alone. Azzurro was up for the challenge!


Our strategy focused on positioning Forbes Lawson as the boutique financial adviser they are while showcasing the wide range of financial services they have to offer.

As a result, the new site saw a substantial increase in traffic and a vastly improved user experience which led to a boost in online conversions.

Our team continued to work with Forbes Lawson producing brand-centered marketing collateral, for its various advertising campaigns including digital ads, promotional videos, flyers, and roll-up banners.


Our client was delighted with the results.

The designs and visuals we created spoke directly to the client’s target market, enabling them to reach new audiences with its message and drive more traffic to the new website.

Digital ad


We approached Azzurro looking to reposition our brand with a new website design and a range of supporting, brand-centred marketing collateral. Their team listened to our requirements and worked with us to understand our brand message and target market. Their impactful designs captured exactly who we are and who we want to reach through our marketing.

Richard Macmillan, Director/Senior Adviser, Forbes Lawson

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